Oil and Gas prices are on the rebound. Abandoned wells are now looking good for drilling. This is truly an auspicious time to raise capital.

Are you an oil and gas entrepreneur looking to fund your projects?

Recent changes in capital markets rules now make it easier to raise money!

The US Congress asked the General Accounting Office GAO in the JOBS Act to look into why small companies that wish to raise capital through Regulation A which historically was the way small companies raised money were not using Regulation A.
In July 2012, the GAO came up with a report that identified the following factors as impediments to capital raising by small companies through Regulation A:
(1) costs associated with compliance with state securities regulations, or blue sky laws;
(2) the availability of alternative offering methods exempt from registration, such as Regulation D offerings;
(3) costs associated with the Commission’s filing and qualification process; and
(4) the type of investors businesses sought to attract.
In layman’s English, it costs too much.

There is a solution. It is in the new and revised Regulation A+. It is a cheap IPO Alternative. If you are an oil and gas entrepreneur and wish to raise capital to fire up your business, all you have to do is contact us at www.wsrllc.com. We will show you how to do it cheaper.

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